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How I made $5.00 in one day Online! Manifesting my small goals.

How I made $5.00 in one day Online! Manifesting my small goals.

Since yesterday’s post, I have been pretty busy focused on the small yet powerful goal of gaining $5.00. Just as certain as I was when I was making my bed yesterday, bringing in the extra $5.00 was rather simple.

My approach began with looking for methods online to earn a few bucks. I ran a google search and found a number of opportunities including inbox dollars and several sites recommending to sell something. I signed up for inbox dollars but hit a road block trying to confirm my account. On to Plan B.

So I thought to myself; why not look for something that I own and post it to sell? That is a quick conversion that could lead to $5.00 cash. Just as soon as I could utter these words I got a message on Offerup – a local market app comparable to craigslist for buying and selling cheap items. I had posted a jacket several months ago in which all of a sudden there was someone interested in it. They mentioned it was an XL, to which eager to make my $5.00 a reality and accomplish my goal, I replied, it is a snug XL and should fit great! Note, I wouldn’t have told him this if it wasn’t the case. The jacket fit him perfectly. The crazy part is that I had it listed for $30.00 from a while back. He offered me $20.00 initially. Any other day i would have said deal, but today I had a goal. I countered to meet him in the middle and sure enough he agreed to pay $20.00 + $5.00 to support my goal accomplishment.

Five Dollar Goal Success!

I wish this was the end of the money saga. In order to really ensure that I would get the money that I set out to create for myself, i also posted 2 new freelance gigs for blog writing as well as website design. I posted 25 of my comic book collection on Ebay. Decided, what the heck, and dropped a few dollars on some scratch off lottery tickets, yielding a return of $50.00 of cold hard cash in my pocket. And made a super low offer on a $400.00 drum set that was originally retailing for over $700, getting the guy to agree to sell it for $180. All of this in expanse of 24 hours or less. I also got inspired and started a traffic campaign to my website www.renaissancedepot.com/ boosting traffic by over 2500 unique visitors per day – or so the service promised. My website lists custom hand-painted art work for sale, so any time someone buys a painting, I make a bit of money on the top!

Got a lot more than I set out to accomplish… great but the goal was $5.00 and that is what I will celebrate. Picture of $110 dollars cash.

With my new found drum kit, $110.00, comics listed on ebay for sale, and freelance gigs on Fiverr posted, and we can’t forget the $5.00 manifestation, the stage is set for the next goal!

It is easy to get side tracked and complacent after even gaining $5.00. I also noticed how my mind and beliefs immediately started thinking about ways to spend this money. I need to change this subconscious belief. We discussed yesterday that subconscious beliefs are 1000 times more powerful than conscious decisions or desires. My belief that if I have money I must spend it in order to feel good or free is the culprit of my financial situation as it currently stands. If I think back to all the work that I have done over the past 7 or 8 years of my working life, I must have cleared and spent a lot more money than I ever put away. This habit will change as I begin to actively reprogram my mind and my beliefs while documenting my journey with you all.

The other important component of my $5 dollar manifestation adventure is that the goal was small enough and obtainable enough based on the size of the market that I only had to focus on it for 1 day. In fact I believed I could make that money in one day. If it truly takes the same amount of effort to create $100 dollars as it does $1000, perhaps fundamental to this fact of life is believing that it is possible.

I spoke to an associate the other day about how he had made $15,000 dollars an hour through a firm fixed price contract he had with a big municipality. Apparently he had invented a code to perform a very tedious and labor intensive task in a mater of 3 hours and they paid him the total sum amount. I wonder what this event did to his belief about how much you can really make per hour.

The Next Big Thing

Now that I have achieved my $5.00 goal. Lets up the stakes a bit shall we. For my next goal, I will aim to generate $20.00. This can be generated from selling something, or providing a service of value equal to $20.00.

I will give myself 2 days to accomplish this task. Basically, by Wednesday night I will have $20.00 more than I have now.

I look forward to updating you all on my tactics and overall progress towards this goal!

“God’s wealth now circulates in my life, it flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, desires, goals, are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence, for I am one with God and God is everything.”

Peace and Prosperity,