How JT Foxx Completely Transformed my Life and Business – Hazel Herrington

How JT Foxx Completely Transformed my Life and Business – Hazel Herrington

JT Foxx, the Millionaire Underdog


JT Foxx is one of those people whose story is hard to pass over without feeling a profound level of inspiration, admiration, and respect. His rise to the top was met with many obstacles which he had to face (including a severe speech impediment) in order to become one of the most revered serial entrepreneurs and wealth building coaches in the world. He started out with nothing, had zero confidence, little hope, no money, and was able to build himself and build his personal brand up to eventually creating an empire of companies that are currently transforming the world in ways that are hard to fathom.

The pivotal moment in JT’s life came after he had watched an infomercial at 3 in the morning and, determined to change his life circumstances, attended a subsequent seminar at the Hilton Hotel in Toronto. He was only one out of several hundred people that day to sign-up to the program. Recognizing that the principles he learned needed to be applied in the US, he set his sights on taking massive action and made the journey south in pursuit of his dreams.

With little more than $974 in his pocket and an old, beat-up pickup truck, he headed to the US to land a deal. As he tells it, all he needed was “just one deal” to make everything else he had plans for possible. Determined and focused and with only 2 weeks left before he would be forced to return to Canada, he made a $70,000 deal…

How I came to discover him


Many people don’t realize this but JT Foxx is a major advocate for the empowerment of women, a subject that I am very passionate about. This fact alone is what drew me initially to one of his free events and why I signed up to become one of his students. I can singularly attribute this decision to having completely shifted my thinking and ability to influence others through my speaking engagements and business coaching.

Before meeting JT, my own efforts in building my business reached a plateau. I felt stuck.  Although I had started a Business Coaching Workshop in Zimbabwe, Africa, I couldn’t figure out how to scale it and take my impact or my goals to the next level. I lacked the knowledge, the confidence, and was unable to teach people the essential skills in effective marketing and sales, or pathways to reach true financial freedom through their businesses.

However, after training and applying the principles I learned from JT, now I am as bold as a lion and have a wealth of knowledge that I have gained through his coaching that continues to massively transform my life and the life of other people I touch through my work.


Recently, I was invited by the Zimbabwean Ministry of Education, Sport, and Culture as a guest of honor where an estimated 3000 students will be attending. The knowledge I have gained from JT has opened up new doors of possibility whereas before, I would have prepared a motivational talk for this event, now I am pulling from my wealth of knowledge about business that I gained first-hand from his coaching. Because of JT, not only have I been empowered to change my life through my business practice, but now the youth of Zimbabwe will have the opportunity to be transformed as well.  JT’s results speak for themselves. With a slogan “Empowered by your success,” he succeeds only when those he coaches succeed.

JT is a Philanthropist


As a fellow Philanthropist, I was touched when he opted not to have a hospital ward named after him because he didn’t want the focus to be on him, but the kids who were recovering. They called the wing, “The Champions Ward”. This act of selflessness also contributed to me signing up for his coaching.

Speaking Engagements in Africa


I am from Zimbabwe, Africa, and JT Foxx does a lot of speaking engagements here in South Africa. As someone that spends a great deal of time working on this continent and embracing our way of life, JT understands the culture and how to do business with Africans lending itself further to his credibility as someone who can make a difference on a global scale.

My Mission

Thanks to JT I have embarked on an even bigger journey in my life and with my business to empower entrepreneurs to discover their real purpose, achieve lasting fulfillment and get in touch with a higher power, whether you want to call this God, Infinite Intelligence, or Source Energy regardless of creed or religion. JT Foxx helped me answer the question WHY, what is my driving motivation and has refined the skills I needed to change not only the quality of my life but the quality of life of those I have the opportunity to influence through my business.


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