How to Avoid Negative People & Trust Yourself

How to Avoid Negative People & Trust Yourself

Recently, I was talking to a family member about my goals and my achievements. I described my desire to travel and experience the world at new levels of abundance and joy. The response that I got stopped me dead in my tracks…

That’s really weird. People don’t do that. I like to be around people that struggle, it keeps me down to earth. Don’t spend too much money, save it! You are going to be in so much debt.

Wow…. talk about the law of attraction in action. Note this family member has been struggling their entire life, is in their 60s and their thoughts are reflective of a life of struggle. Thoughts are things. Our predominant thoughts, the people we are surrounded by and influenced by determine the degree of  success we have achieved and will achieve.

I want to caveat that people like this are around us all the time. I call them happiness vacuums. All light, joy, and excitement is sucked away by their very presents. Very seldom can you design your life to avoid these people entirely. I want to say that like dieting, you can choose to never eat french fries or drink soda again, however the ubiquity of these items can make it difficult to craft your life like this. What if right now you don’t have the luxury of getting on a plane, flying to some remote island in the pacific, and being 100% isolated for the rest of your life…

Well this article is for you.

If you indulge in a french fry once in a while, but all your focus and thoughts are trained on loosing weight, getting a six pack, and living an energetic lifestyle, guess what? That one french fry will be like a small pebble being tossed into the pond, a small ripple might stir, but your pond will be unmoved in its entirety. If you cast a giant bolder into the pond, well then, the boulder will displace every last drop of water there is. The magic is that you decide how big to make the rock.

If you want to move towards your goals and make money, live on your own self-reliance, be happy, joyful, and worry free, it may be impossible to avoid people that are negative and who will try to hold you back as hard as they possible can. The only guaranteed way to change the course of your own reality in the face of very strong negative outside influences, whether this is your direct family and you have to deal with them every single day, or a complaining coworker who drones off and blames everyone constantly for their lack of success, the only way is to stake your very existence on the realization of your goal. Your mind has to be so focused on something greater, the power of visualization will fuel your resolve.

The emotion that you feel consistently influence your reality for the better. You have direct control on these emotions. No one but you are in control of these. Rise up and take control.

What helps me is making a new rule for myself, a new fundamental belief. Remember how we discussed beliefs are subconscious patterns of thought that occur automatically. These are 1000 times  more powerful than conscious influences or decisions. Whenever I hear someone say you can’t do that, or you are weird, or what are you talking about, you are crazy people don’t achieve those things. The negative repetition of thought vomit is met by me with an increased resolve. Because I am willing to stake my very existence on meeting my goals, I have set a standard that no matter what pain or resistance I am met with, my resolve will only increase. When I hear something negative now, I automatically repeat 10 times in my mind the following: I am going to be so successful, I can do anything, I have a millionaire mind, I am amazing, I am unstoppable!!! I say them with such emotion internally that I smile inside myself and reinforce my beliefs that I will be successful. So can you imagine how happy I am now when I face resistance and negativity! No one can control my thoughts, it is the only thing I have control over.

Events will happen to us outside our control, I acknowledge that as a fundamental rule of life and cost to life. It’s our choice to determine what those events mean. We can dwell on them or we can increase our resolve to be in control of our thoughts. A thought has the power to change the world that we live in, it is that important. 

The Recipe to Avoiding Negative People

So the recipe to avoiding negative people in your life is not necessarily to burn the bridges, the recipe is to rewire your brain through changing thought patterns by repeating affirmations 1000s of times, changing your cues and beliefs such that when you hear something negative you repeat 10 positive things to strengthen your internal representational belief structure, and take control of your thoughts by staking your existence on making your dreams and goals an absolute reality.

You don’t have to spend all your time with someone negative though… you have a choice and can change your reality by coming up with a plan. Sharpen the blade by daily practice and meditation, exercise your physical body to grow into an unstoppable force of nature. Create new neural networks by carving our new brain pathways or repetitive positive thoughts, develop your abilities of the mind to resist all forms of stress and negativity, change the very definition of failure! Yes, you can change the definition of everything in your reality. 

Sounds pretty good right???

All that you dream of is already there, it exists in a PARALLEL UNIVERSE. Our thoughts actually pull experiences and new realities out of this parallel universe into your current existence so take immediate control of your thoughts! Make your selection from the infinite catalog of the universe now!

Peace and Prosperity,



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