How to stop watching the news forever!

Before I delve into this article, some good news on my money quests! I have been getting more bids on my comic books and have cleared 10 dollar mark and still 3 days left on the bidding! I think it will sell for a good deal of money. Also, I have a potential website building gig on Fiverr. If I get it, I will be $45 dollars richer. Does not sound like much but the positive feedback I stand to receive is worth its weight in gold! So, aiming for making $20.00 has actually caused a number of larger money opportunities show up based upon taking concrete action backed by unwavering belief in my ability to deliver value. Even though I have thousands of paintings posted on for sale, the price may still be too high for the value delivered to the mass market and by figuring out ways to deliver phenomenal value for less, I will be able to easily tap into any market stream and grow very very successful because of it.

Now onto the subject of discussion. I have been reading about Syria lately in the news and this has caused me to become fearful, distracted, and ultimately extremely unfocused on my work and my goals. Getting trapped into this mindset has shown me that our attention and lives can easily become the fodder of mass media and government propaganda machines if we let it. Forming mass consensus and following like sheep in the footsteps of those that are only interested in self-aggrandizement and are totally ego driven.

Shifting gears for a minute, it takes tremendous discipline to realize that your mind is a garden that must be protected. Letting in streams of information is up to the gate keeper, or your own ability to govern your thoughts. My life will unfold according to my decisions. Worrying about what my country, what other countries, what the world is busy doing is not my place. My place is to deliver products to the best of my ability, protect myself and my family, be a good Friend, live by virtue, values, and strength of character, and deliver value. Everything that I need comes to me. There is no need to despair and revel in fear or worry when I am guided by my own inner compass, not the thoughts or beliefs of the masses of the news media or Government.

This above all else, to thine own self be true.

With this in mind, I choose to be focused, I choose to believe in my good fortune, I choose to work hard in the face of adversity, I choose to protect myself, my family, and my fellow country-men, I choose to be brave and to take bold action when required. Fear will never stop me. Success shall be my beacon.

Have an amazing day.


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