How to Avoid Negative People & Trust Yourself

How to Avoid Negative People & Trust Yourself

Recently, I was talking to a family member about my goals and my achievements. I described my desire to travel and experience the world at new levels of abundance and joy. The response that I got stopped me dead in my tracks…

That’s really weird. People don’t do that. I like to be around people that struggle, it keeps me down to earth. Don’t spend too much money, save it! You are going to be in so much debt.

Wow…. talk about the law of attraction in action. Note this family member has been struggling their entire life, is in their 60s and their thoughts are reflective of a life of struggle. Thoughts are things. Our predominant thoughts, the people we are surrounded by and influenced by determine the degree of  success we have achieved and will achieve.

I want to caveat that people like this are around us all the time. I call them happiness vacuums. All light, joy, and excitement is sucked away by their very presents. Very seldom can you design your life to avoid these people entirely. I want to say that like dieting, you can choose to never eat french fries or drink soda again, however the ubiquity of these items can make it difficult to craft your life like this. What if right now you don’t have the luxury of getting on a plane, flying to some remote island in the pacific, and being 100% isolated for the rest of your life…

Well this article is for you.

If you indulge in a french fry once in a while, but all your focus and thoughts are trained on loosing weight, getting a six pack, and living an energetic lifestyle, guess what? That one french fry will be like a small pebble being tossed into the pond, a small ripple might stir, but your pond will be unmoved in its entirety. If you cast a giant bolder into the pond, well then, the boulder will displace every last drop of water there is. The magic is that you decide how big to make the rock.

If you want to move towards your goals and make money, live on your own self-reliance, be happy, joyful, and worry free, it may be impossible to avoid people that are negative and who will try to hold you back as hard as they possible can. The only guaranteed way to change the course of your own reality in the face of very strong negative outside influences, whether this is your direct family and you have to deal with them every single day, or a complaining coworker who drones off and blames everyone constantly for their lack of success, the only way is to stake your very existence on the realization of your goal. Your mind has to be so focused on something greater, the power of visualization will fuel your resolve.

The emotion that you feel consistently influence your reality for the better. You have direct control on these emotions. No one but you are in control of these. Rise up and take control.

What helps me is making a new rule for myself, a new fundamental belief. Remember how we discussed beliefs are subconscious patterns of thought that occur automatically. These are 1000 times  more powerful than conscious influences or decisions. Whenever I hear someone say you can’t do that, or you are weird, or what are you talking about, you are crazy people don’t achieve those things. The negative repetition of thought vomit is met by me with an increased resolve. Because I am willing to stake my very existence on meeting my goals, I have set a standard that no matter what pain or resistance I am met with, my resolve will only increase. When I hear something negative now, I automatically repeat 10 times in my mind the following: I am going to be so successful, I can do anything, I have a millionaire mind, I am amazing, I am unstoppable!!! I say them with such emotion internally that I smile inside myself and reinforce my beliefs that I will be successful. So can you imagine how happy I am now when I face resistance and negativity! No one can control my thoughts, it is the only thing I have control over.

Events will happen to us outside our control, I acknowledge that as a fundamental rule of life and cost to life. It’s our choice to determine what those events mean. We can dwell on them or we can increase our resolve to be in control of our thoughts. A thought has the power to change the world that we live in, it is that important. 

The Recipe to Avoiding Negative People

So the recipe to avoiding negative people in your life is not necessarily to burn the bridges, the recipe is to rewire your brain through changing thought patterns by repeating affirmations 1000s of times, changing your cues and beliefs such that when you hear something negative you repeat 10 positive things to strengthen your internal representational belief structure, and take control of your thoughts by staking your existence on making your dreams and goals an absolute reality.

You don’t have to spend all your time with someone negative though… you have a choice and can change your reality by coming up with a plan. Sharpen the blade by daily practice and meditation, exercise your physical body to grow into an unstoppable force of nature. Create new neural networks by carving our new brain pathways or repetitive positive thoughts, develop your abilities of the mind to resist all forms of stress and negativity, change the very definition of failure! Yes, you can change the definition of everything in your reality. 

Sounds pretty good right???

All that you dream of is already there, it exists in a PARALLEL UNIVERSE. Our thoughts actually pull experiences and new realities out of this parallel universe into your current existence so take immediate control of your thoughts! Make your selection from the infinite catalog of the universe now!

Peace and Prosperity,


The Secret Law of Attraction

Money does not make you happy.

Let’s take a minute and think about that statement. Money is just a piece of paper. Value is assigned to it through the consensus of society. If money is a replacement for value, moreover an exchange of value, then in order to acquire money, it must be exchanged for something of equal or greater value. Herein lies an important distinction which we will get to soon.

There are primarily two ways to attract money. The first way is to pull from the negative side of energy. This means you will destroy, ruin, trample over other people, do just about whatever it takes to acquire money – just to earn a buck. You must completely love money and use people to make money. Of course you can achieve this outcome and acquire lots of money, but your soul will be empty. You cannot be satisfied or fulfilled by following this path.

On the other hand, connecting with the love side of the scale while you manifest money into your life – pulling from the love side brings satisfaction, appreciation, and joy.

If you are serious about changing your financial situation. If you are ready to take responsibility, create the life you desire and look forward to having money in your pocket, having what you want when you want it. Enjoying life to the fullest. By providing services to society by providing services of joy and self-acceptance.

Here is the secret…

Love people and use money. Love people first, and use money.

Now we are talking. There are two sides of energy to pull from.

How can you attract money into your vibration while pulling from the exciting, productive, pleasurable side of the scale?

When you love people, you create more value then what you ask for in exchange. 

Create more value then what you ask for. Offer it all for free.…. Create more value then what you ask for in exchange. Then, by engaging in this activity. Then you can use money to help yourself and to help more people.

Love people first and use money. Don’t use people to make you money!

Grasp that no matter what you want, or how much you are being told it costs, whatever you want, it does not matter what it is. Pay attention to this:

Let’s take the needing someone to do it for you so that you can make the money attitude. Let’s replace this garbage belief with: I don’t need anyone but myself. The universe will hand deliver whatever I desire because I will always get more of what I feel.

Switch your focus to helping other people get what they want.

This will help you feel better and better all the time. You can ask whatever you want and the universe will deliver it to you.

There is nothing wrong with wanting money. Love people first and use money instead of the other way around.

In order to attract money into and through your vibration, what is the number one rule in wanting money. What is the number one rule in wanting money? What is the answer? This is why so many of you are BROKE. BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER. ONCE YOU HAVE THE ANSWER, YOUR VIBRATION WILL INSTANTLY SHIFT TO YOUR VIBRATION. YOU MUST WANT MONEY!!! YOU MUST WANT MONEY!!!!!


Hoping, wishing, wondering…. pushes away money from your vibration because you are focused on the lack of not having it. There is uncertainty and doubt. You waste your time and waste your life. Decades are wasted trying to figure out how to get the money – this pushes money so far away. GIVE UP. Now you have this knowledge… let’s keep applying this okay. Attitude needs redirecting to make attracting money more accessible.

You have to go back and re-amplify your vibration. Get rid of the resistance and allow money to flow in and through you.

Create more value than you ask for in exchange. You can use money to help yourself and more people. Loving people first and using money, now that is the key. Not using people to make you money.


When you feel good, you will feel better and better. The universe will bring you more and more people, situations, circumstances and events and will line up. What you feel good about and propel you forward to your goal or objective.

Now you have this knowledge. Let’s keep applying this okay. So many people have this concept of money so ass backwards. Attitude needs to be redirected. It’s that important.

It would be easier if I didn’t care so much. But I do care. I know this article is what many of you, if not all of you need to read right now. This article is providing you so many new perspectives on money. Many of you will start attracting so much money into your life its going to blow your mind.

You must want money and be obsessed with obtaining it. You think about what you will do with it once it comes in. Engage in feel good actions during the day that will create results. Take control over your vibration. Start to attract and flow through you.

You need to have a number. Big enough to excite you, but small enough for you to accept it. It is irrelevant what this number is – big enough to excite you but small enough to achieve it. Always set yourself up for success. Write the rule so that you always win. Goal must be to have more money than you have now.

One more caveote. This is what makes it all flow. Here is the specific technique you need to apply: after you know what you want. Write down exactly what you want to the penny. This does something magical to your vibration- the LAW OF ATTRACTION RESPONDS TO THIS – be accurate to the penny. Make the list now, break it down to the penny so you know exactly how much money you need to get going. Must be willing to give it all up. Be willing to give up all your stuff…… WAIT… WHAT?

you want me to do all these things to clarify what I want…. and now you want me to give it all up. THIS IS THE MAGIC INGREDIENT. THIS IS THE SECRET. THIS IS HOW THEY DANGLE THE CARROT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE TO MORE AND MORE SEMINARS, MORE BOOKS, THE KEY THE MAGIC IS…. you must be willing to give up all of your stuff. You buy a new Mercedes… it burns down. be 100% fine with the car burned to the ground. Back your goal with a burning desire for its attainment…. makes you feel like you already have it. Then let it go and don’t care if you don’t got it. It will come at such a fast speed- you are letting go of any resistance. let go of any doubt that would be holding you out. The magic of creating more stuff.. be willing to let it go. No strings or emotions attached. This will allow you to get more and more and more stuff. When you  are willing to let it go you will get more and more and more. Nothing to do with age, diploma, certifications, nothing… having a high willingness to learn, accept change, and application of these principles is the secret.

This is the recipe. This is the secret. Open the floodgates…. with that said – every cell in your body is going to vibrate and resonate in ways that you have never experienced before.

Unfortunately this material is not my own- I transcribed a good portion from Mr. Paul Santisi’s YoutTube video on attracting money. It is the most amazing audio session and hypnosis session I have ever listened to and I have to say has completely transformed the way that I see money and the law of attraction. I could not keep it a secret anymore so decided to share this on here. This is the single most effective advice I have ever learned about how to operate the mind, navigate the soul, and create the life you could only dream about.

Peace and Prosperity,


How to stop watching the news forever!

Before I delve into this article, some good news on my money quests! I have been getting more bids on my comic books and have cleared 10 dollar mark and still 3 days left on the bidding! I think it will sell for a good deal of money. Also, I have a potential website building gig on Fiverr. If I get it, I will be $45 dollars richer. Does not sound like much but the positive feedback I stand to receive is worth its weight in gold! So, aiming for making $20.00 has actually caused a number of larger money opportunities show up based upon taking concrete action backed by unwavering belief in my ability to deliver value. Even though I have thousands of paintings posted on for sale, the price may still be too high for the value delivered to the mass market and by figuring out ways to deliver phenomenal value for less, I will be able to easily tap into any market stream and grow very very successful because of it.

Now onto the subject of discussion. I have been reading about Syria lately in the news and this has caused me to become fearful, distracted, and ultimately extremely unfocused on my work and my goals. Getting trapped into this mindset has shown me that our attention and lives can easily become the fodder of mass media and government propaganda machines if we let it. Forming mass consensus and following like sheep in the footsteps of those that are only interested in self-aggrandizement and are totally ego driven.

Shifting gears for a minute, it takes tremendous discipline to realize that your mind is a garden that must be protected. Letting in streams of information is up to the gate keeper, or your own ability to govern your thoughts. My life will unfold according to my decisions. Worrying about what my country, what other countries, what the world is busy doing is not my place. My place is to deliver products to the best of my ability, protect myself and my family, be a good Friend, live by virtue, values, and strength of character, and deliver value. Everything that I need comes to me. There is no need to despair and revel in fear or worry when I am guided by my own inner compass, not the thoughts or beliefs of the masses of the news media or Government.

This above all else, to thine own self be true.

With this in mind, I choose to be focused, I choose to believe in my good fortune, I choose to work hard in the face of adversity, I choose to protect myself, my family, and my fellow country-men, I choose to be brave and to take bold action when required. Fear will never stop me. Success shall be my beacon.

Have an amazing day.


The $20.00 Goal

So far on my quest to make $20.00 I have tried a number of methods including additional gigs on fiverr posted as well as changing the prices on some of my offer up products.. I did notice that my motivation to make $20 has slightly decreased from where it was at the $5.00 setting. I wonder if this is related to the underlying belief as well as the absolute certainty that creating $5.00 is very easy vs $20.00 being a challenge. Based on my results of focusing on attracting $5.00, I need to get to a point that creating 10 dollars or 20 dollars would be just as easy for me to accomplish. In addition, it would be helpful if I learned how to funnel my motivation at will to follow through on any decision to make money and put in the hours necessary to create lasting results.

In order to increase my belief in the attainment of $20.00, I need to not only back the goal up with massive action, but in order to take massive action, I need to visualize the goal so vividly that it might as well have already happened. The systematic desensitization of any fear or block I have towards the attainment of the goal has to occur first.

In addition, I think that novelty plays a vital factor in engaging interest. There are a few things we can do to stay engaged. One is to modify the approach each time in slightly different ways every time as to create enough variation to peak uncertainty. Two is to do something that we find dynamic and engaging enough. Three is to build a new habit around the activity. Just like changing the cat litter can be a tiresome activity and yet we need to do it in order for our house to remain relatively clean.

Moreover, I have not yet been successful in manifesting $20.00 despite my best efforts, Perhaps I need to repose the question to the universe…

I think I did not set myself up for success with this goal. I setup a timeline that was too short and did not identify producing enough value equal to the $20.00 that I set out to create. I did receive bids on my comics on ebay but it is only at a little over $6.00 of created value.

I have some more ideas up my sleeve. This weekend I am going to take advantage of the time that i have and launch 2 or 3 more products with revenue potential.

I am also going to reevaluate the goal down to creating $10.00 and see how that goes!

“Gods wealth now circulates in my life, it flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, desires, and goals are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence, for I am one with God and God is everything.”

Peace and prosperity.


How I made $5.00 in one day Online! Manifesting my small goals.

How I made $5.00 in one day Online! Manifesting my small goals.

Since yesterday’s post, I have been pretty busy focused on the small yet powerful goal of gaining $5.00. Just as certain as I was when I was making my bed yesterday, bringing in the extra $5.00 was rather simple.

My approach began with looking for methods online to earn a few bucks. I ran a google search and found a number of opportunities including inbox dollars and several sites recommending to sell something. I signed up for inbox dollars but hit a road block trying to confirm my account. On to Plan B.

So I thought to myself; why not look for something that I own and post it to sell? That is a quick conversion that could lead to $5.00 cash. Just as soon as I could utter these words I got a message on Offerup – a local market app comparable to craigslist for buying and selling cheap items. I had posted a jacket several months ago in which all of a sudden there was someone interested in it. They mentioned it was an XL, to which eager to make my $5.00 a reality and accomplish my goal, I replied, it is a snug XL and should fit great! Note, I wouldn’t have told him this if it wasn’t the case. The jacket fit him perfectly. The crazy part is that I had it listed for $30.00 from a while back. He offered me $20.00 initially. Any other day i would have said deal, but today I had a goal. I countered to meet him in the middle and sure enough he agreed to pay $20.00 + $5.00 to support my goal accomplishment.

Five Dollar Goal Success!

I wish this was the end of the money saga. In order to really ensure that I would get the money that I set out to create for myself, i also posted 2 new freelance gigs for blog writing as well as website design. I posted 25 of my comic book collection on Ebay. Decided, what the heck, and dropped a few dollars on some scratch off lottery tickets, yielding a return of $50.00 of cold hard cash in my pocket. And made a super low offer on a $400.00 drum set that was originally retailing for over $700, getting the guy to agree to sell it for $180. All of this in expanse of 24 hours or less. I also got inspired and started a traffic campaign to my website boosting traffic by over 2500 unique visitors per day – or so the service promised. My website lists custom hand-painted art work for sale, so any time someone buys a painting, I make a bit of money on the top!

Got a lot more than I set out to accomplish… great but the goal was $5.00 and that is what I will celebrate. Picture of $110 dollars cash.

With my new found drum kit, $110.00, comics listed on ebay for sale, and freelance gigs on Fiverr posted, and we can’t forget the $5.00 manifestation, the stage is set for the next goal!

It is easy to get side tracked and complacent after even gaining $5.00. I also noticed how my mind and beliefs immediately started thinking about ways to spend this money. I need to change this subconscious belief. We discussed yesterday that subconscious beliefs are 1000 times more powerful than conscious decisions or desires. My belief that if I have money I must spend it in order to feel good or free is the culprit of my financial situation as it currently stands. If I think back to all the work that I have done over the past 7 or 8 years of my working life, I must have cleared and spent a lot more money than I ever put away. This habit will change as I begin to actively reprogram my mind and my beliefs while documenting my journey with you all.

The other important component of my $5 dollar manifestation adventure is that the goal was small enough and obtainable enough based on the size of the market that I only had to focus on it for 1 day. In fact I believed I could make that money in one day. If it truly takes the same amount of effort to create $100 dollars as it does $1000, perhaps fundamental to this fact of life is believing that it is possible.

I spoke to an associate the other day about how he had made $15,000 dollars an hour through a firm fixed price contract he had with a big municipality. Apparently he had invented a code to perform a very tedious and labor intensive task in a mater of 3 hours and they paid him the total sum amount. I wonder what this event did to his belief about how much you can really make per hour.

The Next Big Thing

Now that I have achieved my $5.00 goal. Lets up the stakes a bit shall we. For my next goal, I will aim to generate $20.00. This can be generated from selling something, or providing a service of value equal to $20.00.

I will give myself 2 days to accomplish this task. Basically, by Wednesday night I will have $20.00 more than I have now.

I look forward to updating you all on my tactics and overall progress towards this goal!

“God’s wealth now circulates in my life, it flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, desires, goals, are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence, for I am one with God and God is everything.”

Peace and Prosperity,


The Smallest Goal

The Smallest Goal

Goals can be very large or very small. I’ve often read that it takes the same amount of effort to achieve a large goal as it does a very small goal. Therefore, one should focus on large goals and THINK BIG in order achieve more of what you want in life. The worst case is you don’t reach you BIG goal, but you end up much further along than a smaller goal.

There is some truth in the idea of thinking big but the philosophy leaves a major component out that is vitally important to being successful. The principal is not discussed anywhere else, or at least I have not come across it in the thousands of goals and success books that I have read. A small win is what begins to restructure your beliefs.

Most of you, if you are even reading this far, have seen, read, or heard of the book Think and Grow Rich. The book was written by Napoleon Hill and paved the foundation for an entire class of self-help books and not to mention thousands of millionaire students of the philosophies that were prescribed by Andrew Carnegie and passed down through Mr. Hill. The book alludes to a secret law of manifestation that bends the nature of the universe to your will and perceptions based on having an idea, backing the idea with a burning desire for attainment, and an unwavering faith, focus, and persistence in taking inspired action.

Now, I may have the goal of being a multi-millionaire. I may have a burning desire to achieve this goal. I may have the focus, the determination, and the persistence to do it. I may have the image of millions of dollars sitting in my bank account, growing forever, granting me with the freedom, the possibilities, the opportunities to live and focus all of my energy engaging in my passions and creative pursuits.

This is a BIG goal. I may have incredible drive to achieve this goal. As I start to build my case and collect my resources, energies, and passion into achieving it, I get a jolt of reality punch as my mortgage comes due, and I am paying off my bills, and realize that in order to eat my next meal I need money coming in now! There isn’t 6 months or 2 years to wait, I have to come up with money today.

I could beg, burrow, or sell things that I own that I no longer use. I could perform odd jobs in the neighborhood that are not dependable, lack stability, and risk my living safety. I could give up my car, give up my home, and live frugally, maybe begging for food and shelter. Sounds pretty grim and all within the realm of possibilities in order to survive and move towards my BIG dream goal.

Let’s assume for a minute that I have kids. In the above scenario, reality becomes important to consider and my own mouth is not the only thing that needs feeding. Thankfully I have a good job with a good salary and can support myself and my family (no kids yet) on a monthly basis without much effort, however the risk is incredible should my paycheck abruptly end. I recognize many people are in the same situation. Living pay check to pay check, comfortable enough to eat, have shelter over their heads, but are striving more ways to earn more and provide a security net or nest egg for the future.

Fortunately I have a belief that no matter what I can figure out a way to survive and get out of any situation I am put in. From $500,000 of debt, homeless, broke, stranded, whatever the scenario, I know I have the ability to navigate the waters of uncertainty and quickly change my reality. The belief is what allows me to perform at my best and not be swayed by the fear of taking risks.

Beliefs are fundamental to success. That is why the concept of thinking BIG without taking the time to cultivate a belief in oneself and abilities is destined to cause tremendous pain due to failures. The subconscious mind is thousands of times more powerful than the conscious mind in influencing our behavior. Beliefs reside in the subconscious domain and are trained through habits of thought. Going after a BIG goal without training the mind with smaller ones is useful and may work one time out of ten, but with 10% odds in your favor, we need to look somewhere else for a solution.

Action is what ultimately creates results, positive or negative. Our brains are servomechanisms that hone into a target much like a missile navigates its trajectory. The goal is the programmed destination and the brain will auto-correct our actions until that goal is achieved. The bigger the goal, the further the missile has to travel to reach the target. The missile needs energy, fuel, to make it. One could say that the burning desire is the motivation juice that is needed for the rocket to withstand the hundreds of miles of travel. Maybe wild and unstoppable motivation is required, but there is a non-physical component that the missile does not have to contend with that we humans are up against. That is the power of the beliefs to stop the missile mid-flight due to hesitation, uncertainty, and the nagging of habitual thoughts questioning, blocking, and stopping the thrust of the engine from activating.

Thoughts such as, I am not smart enough, I am not tall enough, I am not handsome enough, begin to plague our decisions and ability to take action. Beliefs that are uncultivated act without any assistance on our part through the subconscious mind, which as we stated before, is 1000 times more powerful in influencing our behavior than our conscious decisions.

The BIG goal is therefore many times more susceptible to the subconscious beliefs stopping our momentum mid-flight and  thereby derailing all our efforts towards goal and success achievement.

The objective of this site is to lay a pathway to setting larger and larger goals by starting with the very small…. I mean infinitesimally small goals. Brushing my teeth. Cleaning up a drawer of my house. Going for a walk. Progressively however, and with great work, journal writing, and sharing my adventures on this blog with my readers, I hope to show you a different way of achieving your goals. One that starts with the smallest step and ends with a phenomenal victory of becoming a millionaire and lifting up others to live abundantly, joyfully, and an inspired life.

So the life-project is setup very simply as follows: The progressive obtainment of very small victories will begin to condition my mind into expecting positive results. The expectation of positive results will become a fundamental belief that will grow in strength and breadth, eliminate procrastination, increase the boldness of action as beliefs are shifted into certainty in taking actions that will lead to accelerating opportunities which will in turn begin to unleash the flood-gates of prosperity and help me become a millionaire, one small step at a time.

Short term and long term vision are built into this plan. The BIG goal (becoming a multi-millionaire) is not the focus, other than being out on the periphery of my desires my minute by minute attention will be broken down into the smallest of components. Each win will enforce the next win.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, here are my very first goals on the pathway to millions. Their achievement will be welcomed with as much, if not more gusto as the final goal of passing 2 million dollars of personal income.



  • Make my bed now.
    • Results: I started on this goal and focused exclusively with all my resources to get it done. My mind wondered a bit at first but it was unmistakable how much certainty I had in completing the task.
    • What happened after that was pretty neat, getting into the flow of making the bed, I could feel my mind and actions shift into auto-pilot, the subconscious mind taking over and accomplishing the task at hand. Because I was in this flow state, I tackled a few other chores in the vicinity, including throwing out trash, doing the laundry, and tidying up the master bedroom.
    • Celebration: I lit some incense, put on some A Perfect Circle, and poured myself a glass of green tea rejoicing in the accomplishment of having achieved my goal that I set out to accomplish.


The act of celebrating the achievement of a goal is great way to tell the subconscious mind that the actions that lead to achieving that goal were desirable and helps to build the subconscious neuronal connections of the belief that taking the action will lead to pleasure and thereby call upon all the resources we have at our availability to take persistent actions.

The next goal, besides signing back on here tomorrow to provide an update, will be to make $5.00. This can be achieved in any way possible. Working on Fiverr, selling something, or picking up an odd job. Materializing $5.00 is a small goal that should be readily achievable. But manifesting $5.00 is as impressive as $500.00 as it takes the same level of belief, actions, and faith to achieve. Desire has to be the impulse of action, followed by subconcious belief systems that will make the goal happen. Each positive action I take will bring this $5.00 into existence. I have until tomorrow night to make this happen.

“Money comes to me, in increasing quantities, through multiple sources, on a continuous basis. God’s wealth now circulates in my life, it flows to me in avalanches of abundance, all my needs desires, goals, are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence, for I am one with God, and God is everything.” – Daily Affirmations burrowed from Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins.

Peace and Prosperity. $5.00 dollars will be manifested by tomorrow.